About Us

In August 2008,  the Otto Bremer Foundation awarded the Institute of Local Government an organizational effectiveness grant that was designed to strengthen and build an infrastructure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resource management in local governments throughout North Dakota.  The Human Resource Collaborative was created and the partnering agencies involved in this Collaborative are the ND Association of Counties, ND League of Cities, ND School Boards Association, ND Parks and Recreation Association and the ND Insurance Reserve Fund. 

The HR Collaborative for Local Government (HRC) has built a structure for providing over 800 units of local government in North Dakota with a set of tools, resources and training on human resource management.  These tools were designed to increase the awareness and understanding of the importance of  human resource management for elected/appointed officials and employees, to offer an online tool to research HR questions (HR Reference Guide) and to provide on-going training/information on emerging HR issues.


Executive Committee:

Randy Bina, ND Recreation and Park Association (NDRPA)

Blake Crosby, ND League of Cities (NDLC)

Mark A. Johnson, ND Association of Counties (NDACo)

Steve Spilde, ND Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF)

Rebecca Wimer, ND School Boards Association (NDSBA)

Kathy Hogan, Consultant


Technical Assistance Committee:

Alisha Adolf, NDACo

Wendy Bent, Morton County

Genny Dienstmann, NDACo

Julie Fornshell, NDRPA

Stacy Geiger, Mandan Public Schools

Nancy Reis, NDIRF

Carissa Richter, NDLC

Tanya Wieler, Dakota Dynamics

Kathy Hogan, Consultant