Human Resource Core Standards and Checklist


This checklist is intended to assist local governments in ND review their basic human resource system. This is a self-review protocol that should be completed by a team of representatives of policy makers, managers, department heads and employees. This is not a formal accreditation process, but could identify areas of strengths, weaknesses and needs which could be addressed at the local level. Ideally, this self-assessment should be done under the direction of the elected officials and should result in a final report with recommendations.

The content of this document is based on the HR Reference Guide for Local Governments.

It is suggested that all team members review the HR Reference Guide to understand the resources and core requirements prior to beginning the self-review in their assigned area. Each section of the review is based on each chapter of the HR Reference Guide.

A team may have each member review the whole document or a team may choose to assign chapters to each member. Because of rating/perception differences, it is critical that the team discuss each chapter for overall consistency in the process.