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Welcome to the HR Collaborative website for local governments!

Welcome to the HR Collaborative website for local governments! We are excited to share a number of great resource tools and training opportunities to help you navigate through the waters of HR management.

  • The HR Reference Guide is a great tool for many of your need to know questions, like public process, recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits, employment relations, performance management and more. It also provides direct links to credible examples and experts in HR guidelines and laws.
  • The HR Check List is a self-assessment tool to help you determine if your HR system within your organization is working. It evaluates your organization on criteria to see what areas in your HR structure are considered fully implemented, partially implemented and have limited implementation. It is a great tool to show your strengths and areas that could be improved in your HR structure.
  • The HR Collaborative offers training sessions each year for local government officials. In even numbered years, the Collaborative hosts a statewide conference held in Bismarck, usually in the month of April. In odd numbered years, the Collaborative goes "on the road" and hosts four regional training sessions on Hot Topics in HR. The locations of these training sessions change each year they are held.